Eric Haldeman  

A man of many hats including co-founder, co-owner, service technician, sales, phone support, office support, warehouse worker ...
-CSIA Certified Chimney Sweep
-CDET Certified Dryer Exhaust Technician
      -NFI Certified Wood Burning Technician
      -NFI Certified Gas Technician
      -NFI Certified Pellet Technician
-Gastite Certified Installer
Eric can most easily be reached via email at 

                                                                        Kerry Haldeman  


Kerry is more of a "behind the scenes" person at Rhino Chimney Service.  Her number 1 job is moral support for Eric during the busy season.  Her and her extensive computer knowledge is responsible for many of the forms and procedures we use every day to keep us running as efficiently as possible.

                                                                        Denny Haldeman

Denny is the "go to guy" of all "go to guys"!  If we need someone to answer the phones, unload a truck, make a mail run, or even a third hand on a difficult installation project, Denny is the call we make!  Although semi-retired, he never hesitates to lend us a helping hand, an ear to bend, or to share some of his extensive business knowledge whenever we ask for it!

                                                                           Dan Williams

Beginning his chimney career in 2013, Dan has come a long way in learning about chimneys and fireplaces.  Dan has been a full time technician gaining knowledge every day while working along side Eric whenever in the field.  Dan is also in charge of the day to day activities of the warehouse including loading and unloading trucks, keeping all the equipment cleaned and maintained and keeping the warehouse in good working order.

                                                                          Ronica Bradley

Ronica came to us with over twenty years of facilitating the efficient functioning of an office via customer satisfaction, administrative, clerical, financial and managerial tasks. Ronica can be reached easily via email at or call the office at 740-397-7773.

                                                                             Jack Burns

Jack is  a proud father of 3 beautiful children. He  lives in Howard and his son attends Mount Vernon schools. Jack came to us from a construction background including carpentry, finish work, landscaping, and general building maintenance. He values family, morals, and education, which is why he fits in at Rhino Chimney Service! Jack is now a CSIA Certified Chimney Sweep!