We provide a long list of services. We have listed some of the most popular below. If you don't find what you are looking for, please give us a call or email us directly. Maybe we can help you out or point you in the right direction.

Chimney Waterproofing

According to the Brick Industry Association, chimneys require special attention and maintenance to prevent costly damage caused by water penetration. Because chimneys project above the roof line, they are vulnerable to the elements. Nearly every chimney we encounter has signs of water damage! The first step is to determine the cause and then find the best corrective measures.

ChimneySaver, the first product developed specifically for chimneys, has been used successfully by leading chimney professionals for nearly 20 years. It reduces water penetration into the masonry by 99.9%, according to ASTM tests conducted at the University of Wyoming! It is also 100% vapor permeable, which means it will not trap water vapors that may pass through the bricks when the chimney is in use, unlike other products found in most hardware or home improvement stores. Those products when applied to a masonry chimney can actually slow down water vapors as they pass through the chimney leading to water damage. 

 Chimney Cap Installations

Chimney caps provide protection from water, snow, sleet, ice and all of winter's creations from entering your chimney. They also provide protection from animal entry, such as raccoons, squirrels, and many birds such as chimney swifts! Chimney caps can literally save you hundreds of dollars in costly future repairs. 

Crown Repair

Chimney crowns are meant to shed water, but when they fail, water damage can cause brick spalling and efflorescence. Repairing your chimney's crown will prevent costly replacement later. We use CrownCoat chimney crown repair product which comes with a 7 year warranty! 

Crown Replacement

If the crown damage wasn't caught in time, sometimes crown replacement is the only option. We use fiber reinforced concrete for all our chimney crown replacements.

Tuck Pointing

Tuck pointing is the process of removing damaged or deteriorated flashing. This is a common area of water infiltration into the home. We like FlashSeal flashing repair product with a 7 year warranty to repair damaged and deteriorated flashings. 

Flashing Repair

We find a lot of chimneys with poor or deteriorated flashing. This is a common area of water infiltration into the home. We like FlashSeal flashing repair product with a 7 year warranty to repair damaged and deteriorated flashings.

                                              Interior Fireplace Stain Removal
This is one of our newest offering of services.  ChimneySaver Paint "N" Peel Fireplace Cleaner is a safe, effective way to clean your fireplace front. We have the proper tools and experience to apply the product correctly, which in simple terms, is painted over the stained areas. The product dries to a thick, rubbery, non-hazardous film in 6-12 hours. When compeltely dry, it is easily peeled away from the surface and discarded. Paint "N" Peel Fireplace Cleaner is a great alternative to acid washing or sand blasting!

Smoke Chamber Repair​

The smoke chamber of a masonry fireplace is CRUCIAL to the proper performance and safe burning of a fireplace. Often masons leave this area corbeled and rough which could cause poor draft and excessive creosote build up. We have several different products and techniques to repair and/or rebuild this area for optimum performance and safety or your masonry wood burning fireplace.​

Firebox Repairs

Many older masonry fireplaces show signs of deterioration, generally caused by water infiltration (lack of proper chimney cap).  Firebox repairs can range anywhere from a little bit of mortar repair/replacement to complete tear out and rebuilding.  Masonry fireboxes that go without repair can lead to many more, and much more costly repairs.​

                                                      Gas Line Installation
We can install gas line for most any gas appliance.  

                                                  Chimney Liner Installation
We could dedicate an entire web site to just chimney liners and liner replacement!  Our most common type of chimney liner replacement is flexible stainless steel.  After your chimney sweep and/or inspection is completed, we can give you the specifics of what chimney liner we recommend for your particular application.  

                                                    Chimney Liner Repairs
HeatShield® is a specially formulated “Cerfractory®” sealant material that restores the integrity of your chimney’s flue to vent hazardous flue gases from your home.  It eliminates the dangers in your chimney caused by gaps, cracks, and spalling for years to come. By using either the Repair System or the CeCure® Sleeve Relining System (depending on the defects found) your chimney will be restored to its original peak level of safety and efficiency. 

                                                   Level 1,2,3 Inspections
Please click the button below for the definitions of the three levels of inspection.

                                                       Chimney Sweeping
You may think of a chimney sweep as a person who simply brushes soot out of a chimney, and some may perform at that minimal level. However, in addition to providing that essential service, we are trained and equipped to evaluate the suitability of your chimney and suggest and provide appropriate repairs or improvements, as needed. We are also equipped with video scanning devices that allow you to actually view the details inside your chimney.

                                                      Gas Fireplace Repair
Not just gas fireplaces, but stoves, inserts, and log sets, as well!  Most hearth product manufacturers and utility companies recommend annual service to all gas burning appliances.  We can make sure all of your gas hearth products are burning properly, maximizing efficiency and appearance, and assuring you there are no safety concerns for you and your family.  

                                                           Damper Repair
Dampers are generally cast iron plates that is hinged at the top of the fireplace. Dampers can be traditional (also called "throat" dampers) or top sealing dampers that are usually operated by a lever or chain from inside the fireplace. Many throat dampers get misaligned or "fall off track" do to the lack of or poor chimney sweeping.  If your throat damper has become misaligned, it can generally be repaired during a standard chimney sweep at no additional cost.  Many throat dampers become misaligned due to poor sweeping habits, or lack of removal of the damper during routine maintenance.  

                                                        Dryer Vent Cleaning
An estimated 2,900 clothes dryer fires in residential buildings are reported to U.S. fire
departments each year and cause an estimated $35 million in
property loss.  

                                                      Chase Top Replacement
If you notice rust stains on the top of your chimney chase cover or rust stains running down your wood or vinyl chimney/chase, you need to replace it quickly before water starts to leak into your chimney.  We always recommend using a stainless steel chase top, for a more durable and stronger product.  Our stainless steel chase tops are built locally, right here in Mount Vernon!

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